Koldioxidekvivalenter (CO2e). Ett mått för att kunna jämföra och summera klimatpåverkan av olika växthusgaser. 1 kg koldioxid (fossilt ursprung) = 1 kg CO2e.


(2012), of 25.5 kg CO2e/kg beef and 1.1 kg CO2e/kg beans, derived from a review of 52 LCA studies of meat and its alternatives (Nijdam et al. 2012). Because 

2019-02-17 In 2019, these figures were 0.233 kg of CO2e per kWh of electricity and 0.184kg of CO2e per kWh of gas. Over the course of a year, a Bulb home on the average UK fuel mix would emit 1.1 tonne of CO2e from electricity usage and 2.1 tonnes of CO2e from gas usage. Making sense of this impact. 3.2 tonnes of carbon is a lot. But it's hard to imagine.

Co2e kg

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This is significantly better than the world average of more than 1 kg of CO2e and even below the values of approx. 19 Feb 2019 A polyester shirt has more than double the carbon footprint of a cotton shirt (5.5 kg CO2e vs. 2.1 kg CO2e).144. One kilogram of cotton  The Global Warming Potential (GWP) of a greenhouse gas is its ability to trap extra heat in the atmosphere over time relative to carbon dioxide (CO2).

Global warming potential is the heat absorbed by any greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, as a multiple of the heat that would be absorbed by the same mass of carbon dioxide. GWP is 1 for CO 2. For other gases it depends on the gas and the time frame. Carbon dioxide equivalent is calculated from GWP. It can be measured in weight or concentration. For any amount of any gas, it is the amount of CO 2 which would warm the earth as much as that amount of that gas. Thus it provides a

Brasilianskt nötkött__. Page 15. Växthusgaser och matproduktion.

(CO2e), vilket motsvarar 3 100 kg CO2e per anställd. Utsläppen är fördelade enligt nedan. Klimatutsläpp per utsläppskälla (i kg CO2e). Utsläppskälla. Scope.

Co2e kg

So, 1kg of methane causes 25 times more warming over 100 years compared to 1kg of CO2, which is why methane’s GWP score is 25. This way, if 1kg of methane is emitted, it can be expressed as 25kg of CO2e (1kg CH4 * 25 = 25kg CO2e). Why is it important to account for CO2e? The average carbon dioxide coefficient of natural gas is 0.0549 kg CO 2 per cubic foot (EIA 2019c). The fraction oxidized to CO 2 is 100 percent (IPCC 2006). The average carbon dioxide coefficient of distillate fuel oil is 429.61 kg CO 2 per 42-gallon barrel (EPA 2018). The fraction oxidized to CO 2 is 100 percent (IPCC 2006).

Co2e kg

MJ/kg. Aluminium general,. Inventory of Carbon &.
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Factor. Reference. Natural Gas. 2.04652 kg of CO2e/  produced in mineral soils and 0.46 kg CO2e kg−1y−1 when produced in organic soils. Most of the GHG emissions from production of biofuel sugarcane in   processing. Packaging kg.

Kg CO2e. 2500 Kg CO2e. 2970. Kg CO2e.
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CO2e is calculated through the following equation: Activity data x emission factor = GHG emission (CO2e). The emissions factor is available from DEFRA and 

Assumes energy for avoided eucalyptus oil production is from diesel fuel. All values were converted into Global Warming Potential (GWP) on a 100 year time horizon, kg CO2 equivalent.

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Under samma period minskade vi matens klimatpåverkan med 25 % och gick från en klimatpåverkan på 2 kg CO2e/kg livsmedel till 1,5 kg CO2e/kg.

Klimatavtrycks- värdena (kg CO2e per kg livsmedel) i. Mat-klimat-listan. T.ex. - 26 kg CO2e/kg benfritt nötkött.

The production of 1 kg beef causes about 13.3 kg of CO2. The same quantity of CO2 is released when you burn about 6 liters of petrol! CO2e means "CO2 equivalents" Source of data: Pendos CO2-Zähler: ISBN: 978-3-86612-141-6 (The book is written in German language)

Chark 7 kg CO2e/ kg falukorv 40 procent kött. Fisk och skaldjur 3 kg CO2e/ kg skaldjur. Ägg 2 kg CO2e/ kg. Quorn 4 kg CO2e/ kg Under 2020 ökade utsläppen av CO2e med 6 120 ton främst till följd av 6% volymökning och förändrade emissionsfaktorer. Den enskilt största källan till CO2-utsläpp, produktion av lagervaror minskade med 2% per kg produkt jämfört med 2019.

1 mjölkko, 9 ton ECM. Ca 11 ton CO2e/år. 0,80 – 1,20 kg CO2e/kg ECM. 1 diko + kalv till 6 mån. Ca 5,5 ton CO2e/år. Kg CO2e. 1485 Kg CO2e. 2890.